Mustang Saturday

Weapon of Choice: 1972 Royal Mercury. Tan older-model Aceliner for $2, a pair of Fujitsu M2551A08 floppy drives @$3 each. Also $3 for an empty older-style woodside Portable Pub case. Without the barware inside, I feel it’s a good candidate for new carrying case for my Underwood 3-Bank.

Installing a new silk ribbon with metal spools. They sell this tool for installing grommets at craft stores, but I found this one at a thrift. It punches the hole and smooshes the grommet as well. (:

Updated: March 30, 2019 — 6:33 pm


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  1. Yep, love me some Royal Mercury. This is the same body type as my latest Mercury I found last year. Rugged little dudes.

    It’ll be fun to see if you get those drives working.

  2. Nice Saturday thrifting haul! And a very nice little typewriter. It reminds me a lot of a KMart 100 I used in college. I think they are related, right?

    1. Kmart 100 would be a Brother JP-1. This one is a Silver-Seiko 700. About the same size and general build quality. They are quite similar.

  3. Great find on the floppy drives. And a nice typewriter find. I have a hand held eyelet punch squasher, and don’t worry about a ribbon having an eyelet any longer.

  4. Abe Lincoln had one of those.

  5. What size is your grommet tool? I’ve only seen 1/4″ ones, and that seems like a lot of a 1/2″ ribbon to punch a hole through.

    1. Mine does a 1/8″ or 3/16″ punch. I use the 1/8″ one and 0.5cm eyelets.

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