Holiday Sale on Typewriter Repair Bibles!

Hey, it’s the Holiday season, and maybe you want to get a jump on your Black Friday shopping? Well, all Typewriter Repair Bibles are now 15% off in the Lulu store, *and* Lulu is also offering an additional 30% off your whole order using coupon code “CYBERMONDAY30” (all caps, expires Dec 3 on midnight). These discounts stack, so now is a great time to get the books you need!

And now some more happy TRB readers:

Updated: December 29, 2019 — 9:27 am


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  1. I think I have them all.
    That is a wonderful discount.
    I know, free return shipping and then I can re purchase them again! (Just joking so no one reads this and thinks you are giving free return postage)

    Have a Great Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi mr. Munk, I’m having an awful lot of trouble fixing the line space selector in Triump Adler Contessa 2 de Luxe (, namely it doesn’t advance at all when set to one and advances by one when set to the two setting and the lever doesn’t spring back with the selector attached while normally it does.
    Which of the books would have the info on this machine?

    1. none specifically. don’t yet have anything for the Contessa..

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