What’s Happenin’ Now?

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 3” 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #D6216161

Weapon of Choice: 2008 Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook
Diamondville Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache)
2gb DDR2 RAM, 8gb PATA SSD, 1200×600 8.9″ screen
Intel US15W Express
Running: AntiX Linux 19

I know, a tiny machine with a single-core processor is hardly worth considering as a working computer these days, but I rather like the old Netbook Atom CPUs – at the time they were popular, they were actually quite useful, and I had one back then – an EeePC that got stolen in a burglary in 2011. I missed that machine, and it’s nice to have one again. Thanks, Key Snap, for the donation. :D

At the end of The TCL meeting, Antony Valoppi came on and talked about his new typewriter shop that just opened in Portland; “The Type Space“. You may have noted some posts about the shop from Bill over at the Typewritemosphere recently. Antony gets into the nitty gritty of opening up a typewriter shop at the TCL meeting and gives us a clear idea of what it takes in terms of preparation and costs. It’s well worth watching if you’re curious and have dreams of opening up a shop yourself. Also, there’s a brand-new Austin Typewriter Ink podcast featuring Antony and his shop, if you really want to dose up. :D

Updated: July 20, 2021 — 2:23 am


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  1. Windoze only people don’t realize the versatility of a great OS. They get locked into all kinds of software and hardware problems. Linux Rules!
    Then I’m glad for all those who only know expensive software from Redmond, I get plenty of useable old PCs.

    Dr. Who? :)

  2. A-ha! That explains your disappearance. I don’t blame you. That sounds like an epic recording session. And thanks for your continued support of Typewriter Club LIVE, both during the stream and here on your blog. It is much appreciated!

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