New Rubber for the Corona 4 Case Lid and Snapshots from a Letter-Writing Session

There are 3 little clippy brackets installed in the case lid of the Corona 4 that originally held little rubber bumpers that clamp onto the platen when the case is closed, and serve as part of securing the carriage while the machine is in the case. On El Diablo‘s case these bumpers were somewhat intact, but crumbly and hard. This is not quite as bad as having bare clips, especially if you have a fresh platen and want to avoid getting gouges in your fresh platen, but it needed addressing.

The rubber bumpers on the front of the case lid, which press down the front lip of the machine when the case is closed, are still pretty pliable. I’ll leave these be.

I broke out the old bumpers on the carriage hold-down clips, and replaced them with  rubber tubing slices. Now the case clamps down softly on my fresh platen when the case is closed.

Some scenes from my last letter writing session. (:

Updated: July 12, 2021 — 2:20 pm


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  1. A satisfying little fix, I’m sure.

    Those Kolibris have very vertical paper holders.

  2. Love the Kolibri in the brief case! And I agree with Richard, the paper support angles are suboptimal. I’ve taken to deploying mine only partially up.

    This post serves as a kick in the pants to get more letters written! And record a tape or two also!

    1. I have a better opinion of the paper support angle, given that it keeps the sheet from getting caught by the lid of the briefcase when the carriage returns. At least for this specific setup, it kinda rocks :D

  3. Nice fix on the holders. I have used different fixes for different top case typewriter holders from rubber washers to thick felt pads.
    I like your briefcase office. It looks like you have an led light strip for typing in the dark.

    1. Yep, I added the LED strip a couple weeks ago. very handy (:

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