Thriftin’ Report 2022-10-03

Weapon of Choice: “Dr. Lizardo” 1973 IBM Selectric II #26 1220365
Correspondence: Episode 7 – The X Files. Nobody’s got this far yet, but I’m getting the feeling that Episode 7 will be the last for awhile. I feel it’s important to put an endpoint to things once you feel like you have completed the concept properly. The fifteen Correspondents currently working through the quest mostly have plenty to go yet, and those of you who have not yet started the Series have SEVEN Episodes to look forward to, should you accept the mission. (:

The booklet is something I worked up while waiting for Sequential Letter #2 to arrive, too heavy to include in that Boogaloo, but I’ll send it to one of the participants who for some reason sent US money in a letter ultimately destined for the UK & Canada. I swiped the cash and he’ll get the Special Limited To One Copy Edition of FIFTEEN TYPEWRITERS, A Confidential look at THE CORRAL. What a lucky fellow! (:
This drive even supports “LightScribe”, a process that uses the burning laser to etch an image on the *top* of a CD or DVD that has the LightScribe-compliant coating on them. I have yet to find a spool of LightScribe CDs or DVD, but when I do… Boy Howdy!
Sorry, I meant Turion 64X2’s. Athlons are an older generation single-core AMD CPU.
A spool of 50 of the 3-inch CDR’s. This is the second spool I’ve gone through since starting the Correspondence Series. So like 70 or so already out there.
Yes, I’ve got plenty of the regular-sized CDR’s and DVD-R’s. They don’t fit in a #10 envelope though, and generally aren’t light enough to mail for a Forever stamp. The 3-inchers win that prize easily.

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  1. I’ve about reached my typewriter collecting threshold. With 50 or so decent typers to choose from, especially the Selectric 2, I no longer go insane over good cheap machines. However I will jump on something unusual like my recent dial-a-type element score. The next phase will be to replace at least a few platens. My Erika M is a hold-puncher, lol.

    Yes sir, I will forever stay tuned in to your typewriter adventures!

    1. Fresh rubber is always a delight! :D

  2. Hahahahaha!!! You swiped the cash. Hopefully you frame that burnt bill. I thought that was hilarious. The recipient of your booklet is lucky, indeed. Sounds interesting. Perhaps you digitized it? Good pass on the 440. Been there, done that. One of the least inspiring machines in the world. I think it was designed by an office manager who didn’t want people to realize there was a room full of typewriters. There is no doubt they would be completely invisible in an office setting. Your post, on the other hand, is colorful and inspiring, as always.

    1. I did digitize it. The attachment has been in your email box for days now. CLEEK IEEET! :D

  3. By the way, I scanned SQ2 up to and including my own letter. I even scanned a spread of the cash. Illegal, I know. But I don’t think a counterfeit, burnt dollar bill would pass very easily.

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