This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: CN-6-B & CN-6-M

Weapon of Choice: “Mothra”, 1972 IBM Selectric Composer #5016537

One of the delightful things about having a Selectric Composer is that it can type using 6-Point typeballs. Not 6-Pitch, mind you – that’s very large – but 6-POINT, which is very, very tiny. This is handy if I want to type very small notes, and I felt the need to add *very small* notes to Episodes 6 & 7 of my current Correspondence Series, which I felt needed a little more explanation than was afforded in the Liner Notes space. I also have had a couple stacks of very old 9# Airmail tissue paper that I wanted to try to print on. This is the result. I was super-surprised that the airmail tissue actually hand-fed ok in my busted inkjet printer, and after typing up my notes on Mothra, I scanned them in and mocked up the notes to print 6 or 9 up on a sheet, printed, stamped and cut them out, and what I got reminds me strongly of mysterious inspection stamp sheets inserted into boxes, or some kind of very delicate fortune cookie insert. Tiny two-inch gossamer notes – a very pleasing addition to my Correspondence arsenal! :D

(oh, and relevant to our last discussion on TCL – Joe, can you spot the lines where I had to *make up* words or expressions in order to get the line to end right without hyphenating? :D Quite a lot of that sort of thing in my writing are little more than creative attempts to not have to use correction tabs or hyphens!)

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  1. It looks very seamless, well done. Perhaps the ad hoc contractions?

    Lookin’ forward to the CD!

  2. Mothra is an amazing device that produces amazing objects.

  3. That typer was certainly rescued from a spaceshipwreck. Be sure to not press the wrong button. (Who am I kidding? You’ve pressed ALL the buttons.)

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