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  1. Oh, your site just gets better and better! This is awesome work.

  2. Very good idea.

    Suggestion: can you bake a cookie that will leave me permanently logged in unless I log out? Every time I visit I need to type my username and password, unless I visit twice in short succession.

    1. I could certainly make the session last a lot longer, but permanent logins are bad security (:

      I’ll lengthen the session by a bit, see how that treats ya.

  3. Fantastic work!

  4. SWEET!
    I’ve got some manuals handy, so I can link them ;)
    Awesome awesome awesome

  5. Really nice work you’re doing on the database! I would like to help beta testing, but I’m kinda busy testing all kinds of other applications at the moment… But, when you are in need of more servers, to mirror your database, please let me know.

  6. Hey!

    I would like to contribute my finds as well! I have 40-ish machines I can currently share and go hunting every week. I just joined the database under the user name madamemohawk.


    1. Thanks Ted! I’m going to try to knock out 5 to 10 a day, and then focus on some in-the-wild finds. (:

      1. Groovy! Note that images should be no more than about 1000px tall or wide when uploading. The script will resize it from there, but really huge photos won’t upload right.

        1. I noticed that, haha. I’ve been cropping as I go!

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