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  1. Fantastic! Great work. Thank you. One day I hope to add those books to my library. Out of curiostity I clicked Adler on your database. I was surprised with all your links and a..k.a. Gabriel was not linked to any Adler or even listed by itself. I was curious as to which Adler machines here in the States were Gabriels in other parts of the world. No complaint. Nor am I wanting to create even more work for you. Your data base has much more than any place else I have been searching since I started this very insatiable hobby of mine.

    A very Gigantic Thank You for all your work!

    1. Gabriel is, I think, a model name for Adler, not a Marque that it was marketed under. If I’m wrong about that, let me know and I’ll add it as a Marque.

      1. I don’t know either. I noticed you had the Gabriels at the end like teh TW-DB. I keep looking for them on line to try and determine which Gabriel models equate to an Adler model. There are some that I have seen on Ebay entirely different and more attractive than the J series Adlers.

  2. I’m very impressed.

    Feel free to call on me as a beta tester.

    There’s a Remie Scout at Wordplay with a typeface like Little Jake’s. Super cute machine. It tends to get disfunctional at WordPlay, though, because either someone pushes in the right platen knob and disables it, or the ribbon gets tangled.

  3. You’re looking well, Reverend! Thanks, by the way, for all the work you’ve put into this database.

  4. Lovely job Ted. Well done and thanks.

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