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  1. I have a fondness for that style of cinema verite, perhaps I’ll get one to you via micro-SD card.

    1. ooh, that’d be very cool! :D

  2. I’m not sure at what age I mastered the babble, but I do know it runs in the family. We have what we call “salad speech,” allowing us to easily jump from subject to subject with little or no segue.

    So glad you’re getting more entertainment out of the mini-DVD. Too bad that camera isn’t 100% functional. I enjoyed using it. In the future, I may just use one of my action cameras, though there’s no pleasure in holding them; they’re too small. Nothing like strapping a camcorder on your hand.

    1. not unlike writing with a typewriter rather than your phone, eh? :D

      BTW, that DVD functions just fine in my two dedicated DVD players.

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