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  1. By the way, I was curious so, from Wikipedia:

    Alexandra Stréliski is a Canadian neo-classical composer and pianist based in Quebec. She has released three albums: Pianoscope, Inscape and Néo-Romance.

    1. yep, Daniel wrote about how he was going to her concert that night. (:

      1. It was a marvelous concert. Almost full house attendance for Alexandra. Some of her compositions really moved us. Had tears in our eyes. What a fabulous artist!

        I am actively looking for an external CD burner. Do mini disks require a special CD burner?

        1. you can burn mini-disks in most tray loaders (they have a special 8cm indentation that fit it in the tray) and with laptop-type drives where you snap the disk onto the center spindle), but *not* with slot-loaders like car cd players and certain Mac drives.

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