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  1. OOOH, I gotta get me one of those bibles when released.

    Too bad about your cassette problems. That was one of the major pitfalls for those machines and cassettes. I used to only purchase the now unobtanium screw assembled versions because even in the recording and broadcast studios we had machines that destroyed cassettes as well as some brands of cassettes that were disaster prone. Newark Electronics absorbed their hobby electronics supplier a few decades ago, I forget the name, but they had the best selection of belts for VCRs and all kinds of tape machines and turntables, but that was back in the early 21st Century.

    Good luck with your cassettes.

  2. Oh, yes. Mother’s Day. Well, I thought the MD gathering was at a time that would only require cutting the meeting short… but then things got moved up.

    Oh, drat, and double drat! No tape deck? How are the stereo pickings there? Here, that’s one category that’s easy to find. If necessary, I’m sure I could pick up something for you. But in the meantime, thank goodness for microcassettes!

    By the way, I’ve had that album on vinyl for years… and still haven’t listened to it.

    1. Oh, you need to listen to it POST HASTE! It is a complete experience – Richard Burton as narrator, lots of late-70’s famous musicians making appearances in the studio. There’s nothing like it, and it’s even *still* touring on stage with the Jedi ghost of Liam Neeson as the holographic narrator and a giant, Gundam style spider tank.

  3. Dang Ted, I’m sorry to learn of this crippling compact cassette conundrum currently facing you. Hopefully you are able to resolve this issue sooner rather than later.

  4. Tape deck = sad face.
    New bible = very happy face!

  5. darryl carpenter

    Sorry to hear about the tape deck problems, hopefully you can get that fixed
    soon. btw..how do I become a typewriter hunter? username darryl on the database. can’t find anywhere else I can make this request, so sorry if I am in the wrong spot.

    1. Wrong post, but you did manage to at least include something on-topic, so… Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

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