ACCO “PressTex”, Franklin-Covey Classic and EDCN, Oh my!

Weapon of Choice: “Dr. Lizardo” 1973 IBM Selectric II #26 1220365 When I fill up the second EDCN Archive book, then I’ll switch to the A5 3-Ring binder for Archive Book #3, and by the time I fill that up, I should be out of 2-hole punched EDCN sheets and well into the FC “Classic” punched sheets, and can make the FC365 binder into Archive #4. :D
Currently in the earholes:

Updated: May 12, 2023 — 8:56 pm


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  1. I am on a quest for one of those Franklin-Covey hole punch, second hand.

    But for now, I just save pages in Duo Tangs :)

  2. This is just peachy!

  3. I’ve used a folder with the clamp doo-hickey. Surprisingly strong!

    Very curious about that album, but Amazon Music appears to only have their album, “Removing”. Of course that’s enough to quench my curiosity… unless I end up loving it! With me, that’s entirely possible.

    1. There’s a video on youtube where someone put this album up, so you can take a listen for free. It’s a difficult album to find, but its the best one from MGP.

  4. Very nice, old-school. Agent T.W. Lee, back from Purgatory, sends his regards.

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