Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod

Weapon of Choice: “Nick Charles” 1956 Empire Aristocrat #S2/268670
Redubbed: “Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod”

Previously known as the Empire Aristocrat Tripod Field Typewriter.

Tripod Mount project Part 1Part 2

Be sure to tape off the buttons! (:

Cleaning the machine with white gas (Coleman Fuel), then blow it out, then light oil and blow that out too. You don’t want a lot of wet chemicals hanging around attracting dirt.

These Hermes Baby/Rocket and Empire Aristocrat lids benefit greatly by the addition of thin adhesive-backed craft felt stuck to the inside lip of the lid. It keeps the lid from scratching the paint on the machine and actually makes it easier to get on and off.

Yes on the Monster Scouts badge, but no on the “Busy Bee” badge. too much I think.

Updated: August 22, 2021 — 6:59 pm


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  1. I love it! Well done, Ted!

  2. Functional AND cool. Nicely done!

  3. Good job, but the tripod needs something – maybe camo paint!

  4. Fantastic job!

    For everyone else, learn more about the Monster Scouts/Rangers at

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