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  1. Bravo! I think my machine is circa 1942.

    1. It sure is a nice one (:
      Heh, I keep starting folders for data on adding machines, printing presses, staplers, etc… but I can’t get distracted starting serial numbers databases for stuff like that. Those collectors oughta be doing it themselves. still, I do have a lot of data. /:

  2. I can’t find my unit listed here. It’s number is 9-1484166. Any thoughts on this? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Nope. that’ all the info I have. I don’t collect calcs, so don’t know much about them. (:

      1. or let’s say Class 9 machine 1932

    2. Portable 1933 of i read the table right

    3. My adding machine serial no. Is A298747 what year was this made and what is it worth

  3. I can’t find mine 3-833453

    1. Class 3 machine, 1923

  4. I have a class 3 3-598023 that I inherited from an aunt. It’s missing a few buttons and a lever on the left top. I think it is a1910-1911?. Can you confirm if that is correct?. And is there a source to get the missing parts if I decide to repair it.

    1. I’d say 1920, by the list.

    2. Hi!

      Interesting but confusing list, not possible to make the list easier to read?

      So is the serial number 9A186686

      machine manufactured in 1937 ?

  5. Hi Munk just picked up a 3-703896 Burroughs hand crank adding machine. Any idea how old by the serial # and where do I find more info?

    1. Class 3 machine, 1920. Might want to take a look at this:

      1. I downloaded the 1928 bmed, great, so much info, thanks!

  6. I have a Burroughs serial P315701D. It appears to be a sterling currency. The first row are keys: 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 [black keys] the second row are 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 black keys followed by 10 & 11 on white. The third row is white keys 1 through 10. Although my machine needs restoration, I assume the first and second rows of black keys 1-15 are for quarter farthings and rows two and three are for pence 1-11. What is puzzling are rows 4 & 5 brown keys each row is 1-9 how would this figure the shilling? Rows 6,7 & 8 are white and ends with rows 9 & 10. It seems to be built in 1958-9 but not sure of model. Another strange thing is the 115 voltage, not 240 for UK countries. This also has an opening for a crank. It has the typical print ribbon and a wide paper spool. Again I’m puzzled to what model and use with USA voltage. I’ve never seen another and would love to have this restored.

  7. I’d like a little info and value on my Burroughs 9-141832 please?

  8. I have a Burroughs C3-785810 adding machine. any value

      1. Hello from Finland
        I have in my livingroom now standing a Burroughs 1-328308. Is there any possibility to find somekind of manual or somekind of repair manual maybe. It just does not work. I think there has been just too many litlle hands doing calculating in the past years 😊. Can you perhaps help me in some way?

        1. Afraid not. I don’t have any Burroughs service manuals.

          1. Question I have a Burroughs adding and listing machine689664 in original shipping crate any idea as to age

            Thank You

  9. Thanks for taking the time to post this stuff and respond to everyone. My dad worked for Burroughs for years and still works for Unisys. Found 3-311770 in the basement and want to make sure I’m reading correctly. So model 3 either 1918 or 1919?

    1. Depends on if those are “January 1” or “December 31” numbers. NOMDA didn’t consider it necessary to record that data point, and it was not particularly standardized in the way most companies reported the data to the dealer’s association. The fact that it starts with serial #1 might indicate January numbers, if you’re amenable to that way of thinking.. (:

  10. Wyndham John Reese

    I have a Burroughs adding machine that I used when I started work back in 1963. I would like to find out its age if possible. It has a small silver plate on the back with the number 2656368 s which I suppose is the serial number. Any help dating this machine would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Wyndham John Reese

      oops that serial number should be 256368 s

  11. Dave Peterson dpeterson478@gmail.com

    What does a 23A mean for the start of a Burroughs adding machine serial number

  12. I have Burroughs B88570’ Series P. Type 3 I believe. I was wondering if someone could tell me what year it was made and how much it’s worth?

  13. I have A Burroughs sn: 6-352628 Adding machine. Any idea on the date?

    1. Yup, I looked it up in the list above, as should you. (:

  14. I have a No 18. 5 digit serial number starting with a 7. Guessing 1909/10? Just got it. 2 cans of aerosol lube and it’s working!

  15. Have an 8 key portable with no serial number visible. How do I find the serial #?

  16. Have a Burroughs s/n 6-287750 on a brass plate on lower front center and no45761 on motor it’s mounted to a stand with locking/unlocking wheelesand a side folding table. Maby I’m just missing it but could anyone help with dating plz (I’ma noob) I apologize

  17. Donald James Fletcher

    I have a Burroughs calculator #3-31507. Any information on it would be greatly

  18. Hi i’ve been researching an adding machine i found at a garage sale. It appears to be a later class 8 or 9 Burroughs portable adding machine but i cant find a match for the serial number anywhere. It is P 96144S
    Any info would be great thanks!

  19. I have a Burroughs with # 3-930166
    How old is this item?

  20. my 9 register high keyboard has a 1-555291 serial number

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