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  1. I need to get the ones I did not get at first.
    Good to see they are selling.

  2. I purchased some of your repair manuals.

    do you have the Complete 1962 Tools and Exploded Parts Reference as PDF for sale. I am having issue and have the 1955 manual but not all the parts that are listed in the diagrams.

    1. If you mean for the Smith-Corona 5 Series, then what I have available for that era is either the “1955 Parts Manual for Floating Shift” or the “1958 Parts Manual for Floating Shift & Electric”. The 1955 one is included in the printed “Floating Shift” book, and the 1958 one is coming up in a future 5/5TE/6 Series book, but I have a PDF handy I could put up on Sellfy if you need it quickly.

      After that, the next one I have is the “1963 5 & 6 Series Service Manual” and “1964 6 Series Parts Manual”, so I haven’t got anything specifically dated 1962 for Smith-Corona.

      1. I purchased the printed manuals but was wondering about the olympia parts manual. if I could get both sorts for the smith and olympia that would be great as I could zoom in more. just send me an email we can this offline

        1. Ok, so Olympia, but I’m still not clear on which one you mean – If you mean the SG one, yes, the 1962 parts manual is included in this PDF:

          1. This is what I am talking about from your SM 234566 repair book

            Complete 1962 Tools and Exploded Parts Reference Manual Covering:
            Portable Manual Typewriter: Olympia SM-1, SM-2, SM-3, SM-4, SM-5, SM-7

          2. ahh, ok. Do you need the parts manual for the SM8 and SM9 (these weren’t included in the printed edition, but are part of what I scanned) or do you just need a PDF of the parts manual for SM1 through SM7 (that is included in the print edition) so you can enlarge the illustrations?

            Edit, nevermind, the scan PDF has all the parts manuals from 1962-67, so both the above are included in this one, which I’ve put up for you just now:

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