Drago, the 1920 Underwood #5

Drago, a bit cleaned up and major problems fixed.

Drago is named after Drago from the John Wayne film McClintock!, played by Chill Wills. The name just seems to fit.

Speaking of new blogs being discovered, here’s one that’s a couple years old, but the guy has a lotta machines:

John E. Simmons, who offers Underwood manuals online:
Underwood Repair Manual (1920)
Underwood Standard (1930 – #3, 4 and 5)

He also offers a bunch more manuals and documentation.

Updated: April 11, 2024 — 12:48 pm


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  1. Drago is very handsome, and that single revealed “w” is kinda mysterious and attractive.

  2. Drago’s a pretty good looker despite his secondhand paint job, I think, and if nothing else, it relieves any temptation I might have to restore him to factory prettiness. I’ll probably clean the green off of the paper table and maybe the front frame (where the “No. 5” labels ought to still be) and call it good. He’s sure a much better typer than I expected him to be when I picked his sad little pound-puppy butt up at that yard sale, and once I figure out how to re-connect his margin release button and get the margin bell working again (connected mechanisms, so fixing one will likely fix the other), he’ll be back to 100% functionally. (:

    I have to say these old #5’s are a blast to tinker with!

  3. I’ve yet to come across an Underwood, unless you count my Lettera 32 cross-brand.

    Its does look nice and with it being so big and accessible, I’d have to agree that it must be a dream to work with!

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