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  1. You just have to keep in mind that in 1964 we were still living on carbon paper in offices, as we were when I worked there in the 70’s. So much of time what would determine type, and it’s why standard Pica and Elite were so popular, was how the type would work with multiple carbons. A ‘heavy’ typestyle, while very attractive, might not be usable on more than one carbon. I can remember in the 70’s that my favorite Selectric style was Bookface Academic. However, most of my medical work was an original and 4-6 carbons, and BA just wouldn’t work for it. Back to plain Pica!

  2. Newbie question: I have a newly acquired Hermes 3000 with the Techno font. How would I determine if it pica, special or elite according to the image above?

    1. type out an inch of type and count how many letters. Also, if your paper scale only goes to about 85, it’s pica, if it goes up to 110-120 it’s elite. That’s the fast way to tell.

  3. Terrific font guide! I was trying to figure out which font I had on my Hermes and thanks to you I know now that it is Techo Pica. Thanks again.

  4. Mr. Munk, thank you for posting this .. I can’t tell you how many times I have accessed this page to review a Herm├ęs typeface. Such a valuable page. D

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