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  1. Are the Smith-Corona typewriter fonts available to download?

    1. not that I know of. as there are not full character sets in these NOMDA books, it would be tough to make a font set.

  2. I have the ‘Classic Pica’ on a Coronet Electric portable, strangely enough. It’s not as techno-looking as the Hermes cubic style, but is quite attractive. Someone must’ve had to special order the thing.

  3. BTW I also have that ‘Sight Saver’ typestyle on an Electra 120 portable. Like the old S-C script, this one has a different ribbon/vibrator mechanism, because it can only use a single-color ribbon due to the height of the type.

    1. Yep, I have a ’53 Smith-Corona Silent-Super with a 6-pitch Pica typestyle (oddly, it’s not Sight Saver or the other 6-pitch sans-serif fonts listed here – it’s an elongated serif Pica), and it has a ribbon selector with only 2 positions: stencil and black.

  4. I am a boston sculptor using folding coronas between 1914-1922. I am wondering how i can find out which font
    these models use?

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