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  1. That Paymaster Checkwriter is fantastic, I’d say go for it!

    1. You are not helping me with the willpower thing, yaknow. :D

      1. Hey, we’re in this together. Lol

  2. That paper is “monarch” size, historically the proper size for a gentleman’s personal stationery. You’ll be doing the right thing by using it for letters. Miss Manners would applaud you.

    Perhaps a few hostile notes to the HOA would be in order. It helps to make enemies right off the bat.

  3. Cheques are on their way out in the UK – but I just bought an Everest K2 (beautiful writing machine) from a gent in Bristol via the ‘bay. We’d exchanged opinions about the price his machine had fetched – about £30 – and it turned out he’d collected a few typewriters over the years but is now liquidating his collection. Anyway, to avoid PayPal, I mailed him a cheque and just for fun I typed it. That was a first and it felt good. The K2 is consolation for all the Hermes 3000s I have missed out on.

  4. I type my checks because it adds a touch of pleasure to the pain of paying.

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