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  1. On your final question: I dunno. It must have taken Dirk a huge amount of labor to create the site in the first place, but now he appears to be incommunicado. I have sent him e-mails a couple of times and gotten no reply.

    Someone should mirror the site in case it disappears.

    1. I’ve actually taken the liberty of grabbing all the tables on TW-DB for my own reference library (I get tired of that goofy piano jingle that you have to endure each time you launch the site). If TW-DB went bye-bye, I could toss up a mirror pretty easily. Once I have the time to go through and cross-reference/correct the data therein, I am very likely to put a new serial number site up anyway, since the prospect of updates on TW-DB appear dim.

      Then, of course, I’d have to hunt up the obviously missing data, for instance, I know you have a more complete/accurate list of Remington data than I have access to, and I’ve heard that Jay Respler has a pretty complete list of Smith-Corona serial numbers that include the missing bits of the mid-late 60’s and 70’s portables. Beeching seems to contain lists that are pretty good up to 1971. Adler and Rehr seem to be mostly photos & debatable values, but contain no serial number dating lists that I can see.

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