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  1. Ha, ha! Nice typeface for this, and on Western Union yellow, too! Good one, Ted.

  2. I hope this ends up being a novel someday. I’d read it. My money’s on the Triad. They’re real game-changers. :)

    I bet typewriters will still be used in a thousand years. Especially after the Galactic Net Crash of 2894.

    1. Well, it sort of *is* a novel, if you consider an MMORPG to be a form of participatory fiction.

      I actually expect within 20 years or less, you’ll be able to design and create one-off typewriters (or just about anything that can be manufactured) by the magic of 3-D copiers. They already exist, and can make very complex objects from many different materials, and they will just get better. Making an exact replica of an existing typewriter would be easy by the year 3011, IMHO. Copyright law would be *interesting* in such a situation. I mean, could someone bust you for making a copy of a 1962 Hermes 3000 or a ’55 Chevy Malibu?

  3. Ohhh, I didn’t realize this was from an MMO. Well, color me intrigued. I’ll have to do some poking around.

    Good point about the 3D copiers/printers. Articles about these devices keep popping up on Engadget from time to time and I can’t help but imagine the possibilities. It would be great to simply print replacement parts for broken machines or create three-dimensional works of art for display. On the other hand, it will probably usher in a new wave of counterfeiting. Ah, the uncertainty of cutting-edge tech.

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