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  1. This one’s a bit different than the one that came with one of my H3k typewriters. There is no Epoca.

    1. You should scan that. What year?

  2. My new to me 1964 Hermes 3000 looks like it says S 6 on the type slugs. Looks like a pretty plain Pica to my eyes. Anyone know for sure what the code represents?

    1. ^Sorry, meant 1962

    2. S TP = Techno Pica
      S TE = Techno Elite
      S PP = Petit Pica
      S DE = Director Elite
      S DP = Director Pica
      S NO = Epoca
      S 6 = Pica
      S 7 = Elite

      S6 on a Hermes is the common 10cpi pica typeface


  3. Thanks Oliver! I also just got a Hermes Rocket with an S 7 on the slugs which I concur with your note above that it matches to a plain old elite.

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