Mini Type-In!

Peter Baker, Man of The Hour!

Tori Forte, with Flaming Volcano Bowl and Swissa.

Bryan Beach, with Hermes Rocket.

Bryan's Hermes 2000, fresh from the typewriter spa!

The Swissa, with flaming Volcano Bowl!

Switzerland was the overwhelming favorite, 3 Hermes, 1 Swissa, 1 Remington and an Olivetti.

Updated: October 5, 2011 — 9:12 pm


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  1. Hey Peter, Got an email from Magic Margin saying that he’d been prevented from coming by angry, wet Gremlins. He expresses regrets and offers his regards. (:

  2. Yeah, Ryan was missed. Gremlins? Is that what he calls his typers, his students, or something/someone else?
    Nice writeup. I’m about to post my own. I hope you can make the trip someday to the Northwest.

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