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  1. SSW was also pretty responsible for you coming to see me when I was still living in Colorado, so that is something that came out of it as well. <3

    If anyone catches this in time, come listen to the celebration of the end of the world!

  2. I don’t know, that seems the sort of thing that should be archived for a reunion years from now at a convention

    1. oh, it’ll be archived. someday there will be a new version.

  3. Sounds like a heckuva cosmos!

  4. That’s lucky! A new typewriter for free :)

  5. Coincidence. There’s QDL on UK eBay. Round glass keys with square shifts. Tempted.

  6. My RSS reader just told me:

    “Happy V-Day!
    The 3 Boat is making another round today! Visit sector 175 for more information.”

    Just rub it in, Munk :(

    1. oh, yeah. forgot to kill the cron jobs. done now!

  7. You have seen this one, I hope?

    (I wonder if I should ask Rickton to add typewriters to!)

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