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  1. Thanks for the story of beginning of your severe and happy addiction. Thanks also for the updated report on our Man in Havana. A minute of silence shall be observed. Roger and over – until soon.

  2. Ted, that appreciation needs an orchestral crescendo! Looking Easy over, once you get past those sublime curves and seductive paint job, I notice your Tab and Backspace keys are in opposite positions to my ’62 (s/n 3112982). Wonder if that’s Euro-fickleness or if there’s a good reason.

    1. Yeah, I tend to think of mine as being on the wrong sides. It’s the opposite of most of my American machines, which makes no sense if mine was intended for the American market and yours for the UK market.

  3. Third time lucky. The piano has been drinking…. My H3K for comparison

  4. Great work on the database. Nice story to your Hermes 3000. It is a beautiful typewirter. I too have been neglecting my Hermes 3000s this ITAM. I started last ITAM with only one. Now I have 5 and there is only 3 days left to post.

  5. Good to hear that the database is going smoothly. And thanks again for your efforts with this. I had to Google ‘Bothan’. Should have known it was a “Star Wars” reference. Although, it could’a been ‘Trekkie-speak’ too. As a Bond fan, however, I made the decision back in the late ’70s to go down the road of espionage fiction rather than sci-fi, but I don’t mind the occasional Phillip K. Dick short story and William Gibson’s work is fantastic, although not sci-fi along the lines of where Bothans would be found.
    And I DO like the lines of that Hermes 3000. Nice!

  6. Truly an interesting story about your latest collecting phase and discovering the Typosphere, and what a GREAT typewriter to start it off with!

    The typeface on “Easy” is wonderful. It is my new favorite.

    Did other typewriters have this Director Pica font? I’ve never seen it before.

    1. I’ve seen typestyles pretty much exactly like the Hermes Director on at least a handful of other Typospherian’s machines, some Hermes, and I think you sometimes find this font on Facits, Adlers and other European brands. Not too long ago I briefly had an Adler Universal that had this font in Elite as well. It likely was a font designed by a foundry and sold to a number of typewriter manufacturers.

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