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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Good “carping”! This will be a fun room to fill with toys, for sure.

  2. Nice nice nice! I have a beige one like that, which is now a parts machine (currently not working). My blue SII has been a real epiphany for me for writing first drafts, and I feel as if I could type on that thing all day and night.

    Your man-cave office space looks just right. Hope the SII and the space find their proper names soon!

  3. Your new Geek Office looks great! Only thing missing is a spot to make pictures. But that’s an easy fix I guess.

  4. Awesome score on a Dual-pitch Correcting SII! I’ve never found a Selectric in *working* condition for that price. You should really be proud. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy using all the fonts you’ve collected on this machine. There’s nothing that compares to the “touch” of a Selectric.

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