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  1. Nice color ink. Sometimes those school pens are quite nice to use.
    I recognize most of those tachometers. I do not have a S-W, but I do have the Jones-Motorolas and Biddles. I think they were all made by the same company or two and sold under different brands. One of them just closed in the past few years. Been replaced by the cheap Chinese laser tacs. Or the more expensive quality USA AMETEK tacs.

    That is quite a good Fluke bench meter. The 8600A is quite accurate and can measure from microvolts to 1kV if I remember and the lo ohms scale is quite good. There are newer meters with a bigger range, but unless you are in a research lab the extra accuracy and functions don’t mean much.

    1. Nice! Ya, this is all surplus from some IBM auction – got a 5×5 storage unit full of this kind of stuff to jumpstart that plan I’ve been nursing to sell stuff on ebay. Mostly power supplies and bench gear like the Fluke, but there’s a couple nice digital oscilloscopes (Tektronix TDS 6604B’s) which surprised me by booting up in Windows XP – I would have thought they’d run Linux on these things. It all seems to power up fine, but there’s no probes in the batch, so hard to actually test anything.

  2. Oh for pity’s sake! A BAG of fountain pens??!!!
    Conrgats on having the best thrift stores!

    1. To be fair, only 5 fountain pens. There’s also a half-dozen assorted dip pens and some 30 nibs ranging from super-fine to a couple that have about a quarter-inch wide nib and have complex brass superstructures to support the inkflow on a writing surface that absurdly wide. I figure I probably just picked up someone’s calligraphy set, built up over a period of years.

  3. I’ve got a Platignum fountain pen of some description circa late 50s which I quite like. Bought three pens off ebay, a Platignum, a Parker and an Onoto (model names escape me, as I ended up losing interest) but it was the Platignum that stayed and the other two went back up on ebay. I’m with Notagain, you sure do have some quality thrift stores within arms reach!

    1. I like the Platignums a lot, as simple as they are. The squeeze fillers on both of them are still good & leak-free, and I really like how every single part of the pen easily screws apart. It’s a very nice design that’s maintenance-friendly.

      And yes, North Goodwill and the Deseret are like gold mines. Every time I swing the pick, something fun comes out. :D

  4. You have a wonderful pen in the Platignum Silverline. I inherited one several years ago but the rubber part that holds ink died. I’m keeping the parts in hopes of one day being able to purchase that part. It is the best calligraphy pen I’ve ever used. Hope yours still works!

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