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A man of the cloth and the steel he wields


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  1. Lovin’ your enthusiasm for these beasts!

  2. Truly awesome and a steal! Congratulations on your new portable printing press.

    1. Heh, don’t tease me, I almost got my hands on a vintage 1950’s A.B. Dick 320 tabletop offset press last week. Snagged by someone else hours after the craigslist ad went live. /:

  3. You make me want to get one of those behemoths – gosh – look at all those fine typefaces!

    1. heh, I kinda did go from hummingbird to Mothra in one day, didn’t I? Hey, that should be it’s name..
      [turns to machine]
      ‘I dub thee “Mothra”, the very big and very grey.’

  4. It looks like the 9-unit escapement trigger isn’t working just right. The capital letters require more spacing (each letter is assigned an individual width). The small cables running from the keyboard control the “chopper block” which sets the correct pins on the escapement wheel. I’d check those first.

  5. Killer entry. More machine than I’ll be able to handle, great pix! Thanks!! ~TH~

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