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  1. It warms my heart to see her get the love she deserves – and a cool name to boot!

  2. Congratulations on the SM3. I really like mine. My SM3 types much nicer than any of the SM7s I’ve used.

  3. Score! My SM3 is an absolute favourite. Snappy feel, solid build, and it reminds me of a ‘50s Mercedes-Benz 190B. Congrats on a nice machine, Ted!

  4. Very cool. Congratulations Ted!

  5. Congrats! (Now that song is stuck in my head …)

  6. Congratulations, dude! :D
    It seems a really Nice & Neat machine, indeed! <3

    I have an Olympia SG 3 instead. It's bigger, but it's also awesome. It's almost like driving a spaceship or a (Black & White) war tank! :D

    I have done such a kind of trades before, but with boomboxes instead; it seems a really Nice & Neat way to get awesome, amazing and astonishing stuffs. xD

    Here's the link to my blog, where I usually post my typecasts made with my giant Olympia SG 3. I know most of its content is in Spanish as I'm Mexican, but I'm thinking about posting typecast in English some day…


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