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  1. That’s a neat fix. I like the blue color. And I noticed you’re watching my video in that one shot, heh!

  2. Well, that was serendipitous!

  3. Sure enough, there’s Joe on Blu-Tube!

  4. A blue improvement. The tubing worked out great.

  5. What a great fix! Beautiful impression.

    Do you happen to know how to describe that tubing (so I can find some), and the approximate dimensions? I’m wondering if this might work on my Hermes Ambassador.

    1. this stuff snugly fits platens 1.594″ in diameter and expands the diameter to about 1.64″, so I’m guessing it’s 1mil thick and about 1.6″ diameter. A Hermes standard platen is 31.5mm or 1.24″ diameter. This stuff won’t shrink enough, but you might find a smaller diameter one that would.

      However, if you wait a week or so, I should have a post showing how to do this with more readily available heat-shrink tubing meant for cable organizing. That stuff will shrink to fit any platen from 2″ down to .5″, from what I hear…

  6. That blue tubing is backwash hose for a pool filter, available at any pool supply store, in various sizes. 1 1/2 inside diameter is most common, but I suspect you could get larger sizes. You might be able to get rid of the creases by running hot water through it, restricting the flow at the exit end. I’m not aware of it being available in any other color. You should be able to buy it by the foot if you go to a pool store, on line you have to buy 25 ft.

    1. ahh, well there you go. perfect cheap recovering material for platens around 1.5″ diameter, and you probably don’t even need the heat gun. Ha! Backwash hose platen recovering. :D

  7. Actually, I think that blue is a low grade vinyl, doesn’t need to be too strong as backwash hoses are open at the end, so little presssure build up. Maybe what you really need is an extra long black condom.

  8. I noticed the paragraph and section keys. Those I could use, and I might have to look for one of those Quiet Riters at the next flea market I visit. This makes me wonder if this Remington was used in legal work. (I’m not, but it seems like the sort of thing lawyers and their secretaries might use.) That’s a useful technique for platen recovering, too.

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