Indiana Jones, the 1957 Tower Skyriter

1957 Sears Tower Cheiftan 3 (Skyriter)

"Indy", the 1957 Tower Skyriter

Picked up on Ebay for 32 cents plus shipping, “Indy” proved to be a good project machine. He works fine for the most part, but has a lot of small issues related to his previous life as a pre-teen girl’s adventure companion around 1984. Prior to that adventurous time (evidence suggests she had a long-haired grey or white cat that shared the adventures as well), I imagine that Indy was owned by the little girl’s mother, who purchased it new to write her school reports and love letters. Indy served both women well, and when the little girl grew up and stopped being so enamored of Unicorns, Indy lay forgotten in a closet until the grown woman decided she’d maybe oughta sell some old junk on Ebay.

Indy’s on my workbench now, getting his kinks worked out. He’s much happier now that all the cat hair is out of his works and all of his bent bits are for the most part unbent. He types like a charm and is ready to go for another 50 years of adventure!

1957 Tower Chieftan 3 (Skyriter) Type Sample

Type sample from 1957 Tower Chieftan 3

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    1. Dunno what you’re talking about in the context of this 2010 post that doesn’t mention anything about a 2015 update. (:

  1. Hopefully, the previous owner of this typewriter will once again find herself interested in them, and she may even find this web page featuring her former typewriter. What a blast it would be if she does and posts a reply about her experiences with this magnificent machine!

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