Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up and a Wedding…

Your humble correspondents

What a whirlwind of a Saturday!

I woke up Saturday morning with a burning desire to discover the true identity of the Clark Nova from “Naked Lunch”, for some utterly pointless reason – it had just been bothering me for weeks and I had to know. Well, OK. So I load up the film in VNC and go through the pertinent bits frame-by-frame until I get clear shots of every machine. Apparently, nobody else on the entire Internet has bothered to do it, because if you Google up “Clark Nova” or “typewriters from Naked Lunch” you end up getting lots of pictures of various machines that are most assuredly *not* the machines in question. It was something that had to be done to settle the burning question once and for all.

Screenshots taken, analyzed and posted (see previous posts for the answers), it was time to head on over to Hula’s Modern Tiki bar for the first Phoenix Typewriter Roundup (or Type-In), organized by Ryan over at Magic Margin.

A Type-in at a Tiki Bar – sheer genius, that. Attendance was somewhat sparse (3 of the people I invited never showed up), and there was no press coverage despite Ryan’s press releases. I guess that it wasn’t quite a slow news day. However, we did manage to attract Bill Wahl from Mesa Typewriter Exchange, and a couple other fellows who have the typing machine bug, and we most certainly had fun. I’m looking forward to the next one, whenever it happens to be. (:

A Plethora of Photographs:

Attendees Marshall, Ryan, Sara and Bill

Bill discusses the finer points of the Olympia SM 9 with Sara

Ryan's Hermes 3000 and Royal QDL

Ted, Jim and Ryan try out the machines

Your humble correspondent at the helm of Marshall's Silent Super

Jim and Ryan discuss Bill's Blickensderfer #5

There were more typewriters than people, hopefully the inverse will be the case next time!

Sara at the wheel of Jim's Lettera 32

The machines and participants (except for me, as I was taking the picture)

Bill's Blickensderfer garnered a lot of curious interest...

Bill also brought a few interesting books on typewriter history

A thorough examination was made, but there turned out to be almost no difference between Jim's early 40's Royal Aristocrat and Ryan's 1946 QDL. They were pretty much the same machine.

Another shot of the table full of typewriters.

Bill's two-tone Remington #2

Bill's Blickensderfer #5

Sara at the helm of Easy, my 1964 Hermes 3000

Upon finishing up at the “Round-Up”, Sara and I loaded up our machines and headed back to town to make our date to our friends Halley and Dave’s wedding. As the Officiant, I sorta had to be there on time, else I’d have stayed and socialized some more with the typewriter collectors. Off to Bean Manor, where we unloaded and set up our typewriters again for wedding guests to write up their thoughts and well-wishes to the new bride and groom. We got some pics of that for you to enjoy as well…

Time to make the doughnuts, or your humble officiant...

A well-fortified groom, emergency escape Tardis at the ready...

The bride and groom, exchanging vows.

It wouldn't be a wedding without tears of joy!

The Ring Bearers arrive. Balrog's a no-show.

You may now kiss the bride!

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  1. Both were great events! :)

  2. congratulation for the wedding,
    i,m mexican.
    i have a remington 2 for restauring i need sold can you helpme givenme the price list.

    1. Try Ebay. A typewriter is worth what someone will pay for it, and the market is too small for there to be an objective price list. Only way to know is to try to sell it at auction.

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