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  1. Odd that you were denied membership. Usually if your request says something meaningful about typewriters, you’re in. Give it another shot.

  2. Oh, probably because my request was something like “Because I (after many years of refusing to make a Yahoo account) finally made one just to join this group.” Heh, I didn’t know about the “meaningful about typewriters” secret handshake :D

  3. Ted, shoot me an address at [blankslate15 [at] gmail [dot] com] and I’ll see if I can get you a transcript. It’s pretty interesting. == Michael

  4. Duly requested! (:

  5. I’m not going to read into it. If a disagreement on the Internet — the very breeding ground of ill-thought-out arguments! — is causing someone to ditch their collection… well, I don’t know. They *are* just machines, and this smacks of cutting keys to spite one’s face (to abuse a phrase.)

  6. About that typewriter handshake, I think you’re right. Your message was too vague, generalized, kind of like the Craigslist response, “Is this still available?” Try again. Most of the postings are very unlike this controversy. They’re useful and friendly.

  7. I’m glad I found out about the yahoo group through this discussion. Another place to share my obsession with, yay!

    As for the drama, I’m not going to pay it much mind. Keychoppers will have exist whether or not we want them to, and there’s only so much that can be done about it. And I sincerely doubt a collector who has obviously put as much time and money into a collection as she has is going to dump it over a disagreement on the interwebs.

  8. Actually, having read the transcript, I found the discussion very reasonable and restrained, even in the face of clear thread trolling. But yeah, someone who puts that much love into their collection is not going to sell it for $8 per 100 pounds (highest quote I could find for mixed non-ferrous scrap metal) just to spite someone on the intertubes. I predict that no typewriters are actually in danger.

  9. That’s my impression as well (about the dumping of her typewriters). And since she is not asking for money, but to just come get what you want, I’m quite skeptical. I did send her a note with a list of 2-3 typewriters I would be interested in, but I’d like to just check out anything she’s gonna dump. Worst case (for me), I’ve got a 5 hour drive on my hands, so I could make it a weekend in Chicago.

    As of yet, I’ve not received a reply, so until I get that, I’m not going to assume this is real.

    And I agree, the discussion was not flaming troll type stuff. I just think she pushed a couple buttons that some people have. While I don’t condone keychopping, it doesn’t offend me. Yeah, I wish a typewriter would stay intact, but we can’t save them all…

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