Yeah, sure – keychoppers are bad, but wouldja take a look at this?

I’m not really into Steampunk myself, but I enjoy watching steampunks parade around in their Victorian garb and brass fittings, and I appreciate the beauty of the aesthetic. Like the folks that make typewriter-key jewelry, steampunks have been known to keychop for their projects – but unlike most keychoppers, steampunks invariably build something amazing with the keys they chop.

In this case, the steampunker savaged at least one typewriter *and* an old camera (I hear the groans of the camera collectors too), but made this awesome thing, for which you might consider forgiving them:

Steampunk webcam

Updated: March 28, 2011 — 7:26 am


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  1. Yeah…I’m okay with this. Amazing!!

  2. Keychopping isn’t always bad. Some beautiful art can be made. I’d hate to see it done to a functioning typewriter, but if a machine is beyond repair then it’s okay to use it for parts. I’m actually keeping my eyes open for junk machines that I can use to build some customized typewriters. It’s a long way off as I’m still a novice at this, but it’s fun to have a vision.

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