Beginnings with no endings… nor middle parts neither!

I really enjoy writing the *beginning* of a story, but I rarely make it past the first page or two. After that, my mind plays out the story with a dozen different plotlines and I can never choose which one to go with. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the beginnings are the hardest, but that’s just not the case with me. I can write beginnings all day long, but it’s the rest that stumps me.

Example – yet another start with nowhere to go, or rather so many places to go that I’m unable to pick a path to move forward:

The basic plot is that the protagonist is the grandson of Loki, and has inherited the power to shift between different “potential realities”, a dilution of the trickster god’s ability to reshape reality. Beyond that, I dunno if he’s trying to kill off other gods, recruit them for some purpose, or is just searching for some meaning and control over his life and powers. I can probably write lots of scenes and interactions, but the overall plot just refuses to coalesce. I’m hoping that the detective story I’m working on won’t fall into the same hole. :P

Updated: April 1, 2011 — 8:24 am

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