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  1. “Hot Rod Twolivetti” is begging to be made into a _very_ in-the-know t-shirt. Something twice as hip and obscure as the Kern Zip-up.

    1. ha! typography jokes! :D

  2. Hey the hotrod would look boss with an oversized “drag slick” platen!
    also will the magazine photos have sexy hand models in them?

    1. they will absolutely have sexy models, how can they not? But hand models? I think you underestimate the creativity of a photographer with a typewriter and a girl in a bikini as subjects. :D

  3. I’ve occasionally run a little department in ETCetera called “Red Hot Writers” featuring repainted typewriters. I seriously think the modded, chopped, pimped-out typewriter hobby is going to become popular, and yes, someday there could be a magazine devoted to it. You should start one!

    My Photoshopped fantasy from a few years ago along these lines can be seen here. (Warning, slightly risque.)

    1. Sweet write! I shoulda known I’d be way behind you on the idea machine (:

      …and is that a Blick’s typeball being used as a platen knob on that Voss?

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