Public Typecast: Birthday Party Madness

There was a birthday party at Amber’s, who is my next candidate for getting into the Typosphere, as she has a healthy collection and love for typewriters, just no blog yet. Using her 1950’s Remington Letter Riter, I began my typecast on the patio where partygoers first gathered and waited for the Booze Fairies to get back from Bevmo, then brought the machine inside and continued documenting the lightning-fast descent into bacchanalian excess. That latter part of the report fell victim to an incident involving candles and a pair of handcuffs, which is just as well, as photographic evidence suggests it would have just been a roll-call of various offenses against nature and good taste…

The birthday boy - having his cake and eating it too!

The Keeper of the Bras. Wouldn't want the ladies to accidentally misplace their undergarments, you know.

Updated: April 17, 2011 — 9:28 am


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  1. Sounds like that typewriter was invited to a pretty good party. Mine are envious.

  2. Four Loko is illegal in this state.

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