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  1. Cartoon?! Amazing.

    I wish they had complete samples of all these styles so we could fontify them.

  2. That is a lot of options! Many of them beautiful and unusual; I can hardly pick a favorite. Thanks for posting these up.

  3. You know what you’ll notice with these old typebar machine typestyles? Look how much prettier the script style is than what came with the Selectric and later. Why? They took up more than a regular line. I have a Smith-Corona from the early sixties with their beautiful script. The script machines had a modified ribbon mechanism because the regular black/red/stencil selector would print out part black, part red on some of the letters! So, it was modified to only do one color plus stencil.

  4. Thanks for providing the link to this resource. So many tempting typefaces!

    I agree with the comment above on the Comic type: it is amazing! I also like the Royal take on cursive – not quite as dainty as my Hermes.

  5. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know that Royal’s had so many typefaces…
    The Comic type would be so awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone! :)

  6. I’ve got a 1932 Royal portable with a typeface I thought was Vogue, but it not anything like the font shown here.


    1. Yep, yours is the highly coveted “Royal Vogue” which is different than the “Large Vogue” shown here. This typestyle book was compiled in the late 70’s- early 80’s and doesn’t contain “Royal Vogue” because they were no longer offering it as an option at that point.

  7. Hi there Monk.

    My Royal Arrow and Model – O have a font which I cannot for the life of me identify. They are listed on the Tpewriterdatabase.com. Can you help me out? I will try to copy links here:




    1. these type books are too new to contain typefaces from the 30’s.

      1. I am glad to have found your comment. I was just using this source to try to identify the typeface on my 1936 ROYAL Model A De LUXE. The figure three on my machine only matches up in the “PICA DOUBLE GOTHIC” which does not match the rest of the characters on my typewriter.

  8. I’ve just bought a Royal HH from 1954 which also seems too old for this catalogue of type styles. It has a serif font of large caps & small caps, in italics. (Except that technically you’d say it’s slanted type, not really italics as such.) Mysterious!

    1. Hello Katy E-B (and others),

      I was doing some research on a 1937-38 Royal typer– err, rather the unusual typeface that I’d just bought yesterday, as my files and research are quite buried in my flooded two story house, that was rather major! Because of my flooded house and it’s aftermath, my friends in the typer realm haven’t heard from me for a while!

      I own a 1955 Royal FP in mustard yellow, that had a similar typeface to the one you mentioned/described, with a slanted serif Upper and Lower Case Italics, and searched for several months to locate the name of the typeface. Believe it or not, I found it… in a Royal Ad for their Victory typers from 1935, that showed a beautiful sampler of “50 typefaces for (Efficient) Business,” which became an answer for my quest. While it doesn’t show all 50 samplers, it gave enough ‘teasers’ to show what they could produce for the world of business, that I haven’t seen elsewhere!

      The typeface is called Royal Executive; and it was a perfect match. Yes, I was surprised that I found my answer in a 1935 advertisement, truth be told! I think it’s a special order type thing, and it’s why we don’t see many examples in the wild. ;o)

      This endeavor taught me not to be limited by the year by which the typer was made, but the fact that these companies could very well be using old/new stock, and encouraged me to look at broader years to determine what we/I have discovered with our typers; namely unusual parts and typefaces that may not fit the usual search.

      Enjoy your machine, as you do have a very special, unique typeface! Feel free to contact me with any other questions, as typefaces are a special interest of mine. I can’t put my email here, but here is my phone, and kindly text me, as I don’t hear well: 760.687.3507. Can’t wait to hear from you all!

      (I’ll try to post images of this typeface in a bit, when I can access my typers again… they are now in storage, pending repairs on my house. ;)

      Take lots of care, and sorry for the long note! My blog will be active again, later today, yay!

      Warmly, Gigi :)

    2. Hi again everyone! ;)

      I’m trying an experiment, to see if I could include a quick (small) pic from the Royal ad that mentions this Royal Executive typeface.

      (Ted, I sincerely hope you don’t mind me trying this out? I completely understand if you can’t post both of my notes, and will formally join your typewriter database site later today, to resume communication with everyone and share these all-important unique typefaces for all to enjoy and learn from. Many thanks for helping me make this work… as I don’t know how to post pictures here. There isn’t a button for me to click and post this image, as it were; it’s just for text. ;)

      Oh, darn! I can’t paste anything here… Ted, would you kindly educate me how how to do this? Thanks SO much in advance!

      Have a great day, everyone!

      Warmly, Gigi :)

      1. Hmmn, can’t post pictures here on the blog, but you can on TWDB. I looked for your user account, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll upgrade you when I see you sign up. (:

  9. Is there any way to get the small Spencerian as a font on the computer in Word?

  10. Anyone know where I could find Elite (preferably) or Pica as a TTF/FON font?

    I used to use an old Royal whose 5’s and 7’s had that distinctive style and I miss seeing it dearly. To me, it’s what a “Typewriter” font should look like

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