I still only own One Electric, but now it’s a Selectric!

Something odd I found at Goodwill today, but didn't buy. It's a KROY 24 Lettering Machine - basically an electric index typewriter for typesetting headlines and such onto strips of scotch-tape like stuff that you would paste up into your mechanicals back in the day. We had one at the Print Shop back in the 80's, with about a dozen typewheels, and I seem to remember the typewheels running around $100+ each. This one was on sale half-price for $6.99 with three different size Helvetica typewheels. I passed it up because it didn't have a media cartridge, and thus was useless. I doubt those KROY tape carts are available anywhere these days.

Updated: October 25, 2018 — 10:57 pm


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  1. You really cracked me up! “Tortured Reasoning” for sure. So now, THE BROTHER has AX-28. Hope it will keep him happy for a long long time. You have IBM Selectric 3 to play with. And because you did not get it for your own use initially, but for THE BROTHER, you are not obligated to get its little brother Selectric 1 (which you really wanted)??? Honestly, I don’t follow at all. It must be some torture all right.

    I like the Dual Gothic font. It’s clean and slick. I also love that Old English font. I wonder if any manual typewriter ever comes with that sort of fonts? like calligraphy? I wonder if one ever been special ordered and custom made for someone. I really wonder. Guess it won’t be too useful since it’s not very practical.

    Well, I’m still waiting for me L32 cursive to arrive. eBay is too expensive for me. I’ll settle with this my one and only one for the time being and figure out if I actually like manual typewriter or not. I really enjoy reading and looking at the pictures of esp. the antique typewriters, those old cast iron ones!!! There’s one that looks like a spider or octopus. That’s Blickensderfer, even the name sounds a mouthful. Another one looks like a butterfly. That’s antique Oliver typewriters. Sorry for my zero knowledge about typewriters. I know most of you out there are veterans. Good night!

  2. Nice lookin’ Selectric! Just got a Selectric II, myself. Like you, I took a vow to only collect manual typewriters, but I console myself by arguing that the Selectric sort of falls in the grey area. Yeah, there’s a motor in it and yeah, it plugs into the wall, but the instant feedback of the ball mechanism feels almost manual to me. Especially when compared to the delay of a daisy wheel. Plus, there are no word processing functions (a deal-breaker in my book).

    Also, I love the Dual Gothic typeface. You’ve inspired me to use it for my next Selectric typecast.

  3. Ooh, but yours is black, which is gnarly tubular. Yeah, I also console myself that the Selectric is in a class by itself when it comes to typewriters. If worse comes to worse and I decide it’s too big/noisy/obnoxious/etc, then I imagine I would try to trade it off to someone I know for a Hermes Ambassador. The Hermes would be even bigger, but at least it doesn’t require power.

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