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  1. Ah, I loved my old Tandy 200. I got one secondhand and used it through college for first drafts of papers, so I could sit on the (relative) comfort of my bed and write, instead of the iron maiden that doubled as my desk chair. Fond (?) memories of dialing up to various computer systems with the built-in modem, too.

    It finally died an inglorious death when I went monkeying around in the guts years later. Dummy me. Except for the novelty of seeing Bill Gates’ name on the software copyright notice, it can’t hold a candle to the AlphaSmart, except in sheer retrogeek nostalgia value. I mean, I remember lusting for the Tandy 100 when they were *new* in the RadioShack at the mall. A computer that you could hold on your lap! Imagine!

  2. Hey, could you maybe send me one or two of those ribbons? I just found an L C Smith recently and extra spools could be useful. :)

    I could pay for shipping. And maybe a reasonable amount for the ribbons of course, too.

    –I used to dream about collecting old computers but I never really found any interesting ones anywhere! Though I ended up with a Tandy 1000 that still works. :) I sometimes play around with the music program it has!

  3. Emailed you for your address. (:

  4. Tandy 200. Holy cow. I haven’t seen one of those in years. I was only about five years old when they came out, but I remember my aunt using one for quite a while. Almost makes me want to see if she still has it stashed away in her attic somewhere…

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