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  1. You’re right about noise. I love my SCM Super Sterling, yet it is so loud it gives me a headache at times unless I use the felt pad under it. Therefore I prefer to use other machines for longer usage even if they’re not as pleasant to the touch.

    …but I have to say I’d take a S-C Silent over a Rem Q-R any day. ;)

  2. Great post. I don’t own a Hermes 3000 (yet!) but I’ve seen videos of it being used. That sound is wonderful and I know exactly what you mean by “comforting.” But I’ll have to disagree on the crinkly brown paint and toaster box look being ugly; I find the Remington Quiet-Riter beautiful in a distinctly vintage sort of way. It’s the typewriter equivalent of “Brutalist” architecture haha.

    Just found my way to your blog, many thanks for including me in your blogroll; I gladly added you to mine.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I know that H3K robot sound exactly. My Super Sterling sounds and feels just like all the other 60’s SCM’s. I doubt I could tell them apart.
    I have an “Office-Riter” which is very quiet, and a pleasure to use, and a “Travel-Riter” which is like a 3/4 scale model of the other and the loudest typer I have.

  4. I find the sound that 60’s SCM’s make to be fairly unpleasant. It’s distinctly different than the older Super-5 body sound, and I was surprised to discover that the 1964 Super-5 bodied Sterling I got a couple of weeks ago made that same “Galaxy-body” sound instead of the older Super-5 sound. I guess it has more to do with the workings and maybe the platen materials rather than the body acoustics.

  5. I may have the answer to the question about the extra keys. I own a Remington Quiet Riter which has 2 special keys for French language spelling! I’m in Canada of course. The one key serves for the e-forward accent /shift/ c-cedila, while the other key provides backward accent and a circumflex. However, this second key does not advance the carriage. Thus, one types the accents followed by the required letter, then the carriage moves. This machine is indeed very quiet. My two Super 5’s are painfully loud!

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