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  1. I’m paying close attention as I decide which public typewriters to provide at the type-in here. Any other advice on type-ins will be most gratefully received.

  2. It’s probably a different animal when you’re holding a type-in for people who already know a bit about typewriters and will be bringing their own as well, VS. laying out a spread of machines for the general public to try out – you would probably have no problem with the ‘tricky settings’ machines in that case.

    One other thing I learned was that the ultra-portables like the Letteras and Rocket are light enough to worry about someone making off with them. There were a couple cases where people would grab them and move ’em to a different part of the table, which caused one of the organizers to freak a bit when she couldn’t see her Lettera in the spot she’d left it. Again, a minor issue, and we probably worried for no good reason, but it’s worth noting. If we do it again, it’s just another reason to leave the Letteras and Rocket at home and bring more SCM’s and the larger machines with the most intuitive controls.

  3. I think this is just amazing. I’ve been into machines 50 years and still own a few dozen. My concern with the Rocket (I own a couple and a Baby) would be that they are definitely delicate compared to one of my Underwood office manuals. And yes, I’d be afraid someone would steal one of the little portables also. You are doing a great service, not just to those of us who love these machines, but also opening the eyes of people the way we’ve seen with fountain pens in the 90’s. Thank you!

  4. Hmm, I didn’t know the Olympia SM9 had a keyboard locking lever. I’ll have to look for that. Mine is sooo heavy that any (possible) thief surely wouldn’t get far. It’s often the kids that’re attracted to typewriters, and I’ve often thought typing would help them learn spelling.

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