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  1. Wow your restrictions are almost identical to my own. I do have a 50’s QDL that has a sticky shift – what else you got?

  2. for trade? not much beyond the SCM’s. I just have way too many of the Galaxy-class machines right now.

    On the bright side, minutes after I posted this typecast on G+, a friend (whom I would never have suspected of being susceptible to the typewriter-buying bug) replied back that she’d found an Underwood Golden-Touch at a thrift store recently and that I was welcome to it. :D

    So that’s one I can cross off my list.

  3. What luck with your friend’s Golden-Touch! I also have a QDL I could part with but I don’t really need another SCM. If you come up with a Lettera 22 or a Hermes 3000 that you want to trade for (or, trade with cash from me, as both of those are worth more than a QDL) I’d be up for that.

  4. Wow I’m happy for you! Can”t wait to see the pics of that!

  5. The only reason I purchased the typewriter was because you guys were so interested in it, it was cheap and in good condition. I figured it’d be a good gift for someone.

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