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  1. Interesting! Love the Gallagher slogan.

    Actually, I don’t have any other label aside from the one on the Underwood but I do have photos of a couple of Dymo labels.

    1. I have a few of those personalized labels people have stuck on machines too. maybe that can be a subset: “Previous Owners of our Machines”.

  2. Ted, I posted an update on my blog. I think someone posted about labels a couple of months ago, don’t remember who.

  3. “VE 96752” is the phone number of that shop — it would be 839-6752 today, which is (probably coincidentally) the fax number of “Johnson’s Business Equipment” in Culver City. The more things change…

  4. The dealer in Mt Vernon who serviced or originally sold my Corona floating shift had the good taste to stick the label under the hood. Maybe Bill could be persuaded to follow suit? The Gallagher slogan could be a Tom Waits lyric from Step Right Up.

  5. Ted: A month or so ago you expressed an interest in guest blogging. I’d like to add you and one or two others as an author of Typewriter Heaven, just for a couple of weeks. I’d need an e-mail address. If you still fancy it, you can e-mail me at bowkerrob [at] gmail.com


  6. Ted, this is off-topic. Do you get your ribbons online? Mind sending me referrals? Some of the ribbons I purchased were over-oiled or dry. Thanks!

    1. I generally get my ribbons from Mesa Typewriter Exchange (local typewriter guy) and these are usually very good, as Bill’s very picky about the ribbons he sells and switches suppliers if they start sending him bad ones:

      30 South MacDonald
      Mesa, AZ 85210-1322
      (480) 964-3603

      I did pick up a half-dozen calculator ribbons awhile ago that were very good, and I’ve been re-stringing typewriter spools with those ribbons when I need them.

      1. Grateful, Ted!

        Calculator ribbons… never occurred to me. It pays to be resourceful.

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