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  1. I like how no sooner did Adwoa get there than she admonished us all to get to bed. It was fun to see you. I enjoyed seeing your cats play too. If you read my NaNo, it’s full of characters from my game nights.

  2. I was alarmed to see you all up so far past midnight! I didn’t want to keep you up any longer by suddenly dragging out an array of typers; besides Peter had already seen the Senta. I suppose I kept forgetting that today is a holiday; I always think Labor Day is observed on a Friday instead of Monday.

    Very nice meeting you both, Ted and Tori, and I am so honored that you named your Swissa “Adwoa”! In that case, I suppose it is imperative that you know how to pronounce it properly – I’m glad I could give you a lesson :-)

    1. Was great meeting you! And I also had completely forgotten that Monday was Labor Day.

  3. d10s! Yeah, our Monday game night alternates between 4th Edition Dark Sun and VtR. Tonight is my Dark Sun game.

    There may be a convergence of typewriters, cats AND tabletop role playing games:)

  4. A well-written report, with good observations on the typing experience at the start. Hope to “meet” you at some future virtual (or real!) type-in.

    Er, so how DO you pronounce “Adwoa”?

    1. If I recall correctly, it was AD-joo-uh.

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