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  1. Yeah, I think the Towers look cooler than the Smith-Coronas too.

  2. Love the counter offer, I would have said the same! Despite the gasps of shock from both the seller and J (who pretends at such moments that he does not know this brazen stranger), I think it is worth the disdain to let them know how much their “vintage treasure” is really worth! Make them think twice, even if they will never get to a price you find reasonable, perhaps they will consider a modest reduction.

    1. The attendant did say that they would reduce the price a bit every month, so I told her I’d see her in 8 months (:

      Honestly, it’s easy to keep my resolve when I can find only standards and trash. I greatly admire your willpower when confronted with $10 Splendid 33’s, Swissa Piccolas & Hermes and Lettera 32’s by the bucketload. My collection would be bulging at the seams like Sommeregger’s if I had that kind of selection paraded before me :D

  3. My thrift shops can now be considered as typewriter wastelands until the spring frost begins garage cleaning season once again. It will actually be nice here this weekend, but people are already in winter hunker down mindset and will not have garage sales.

    I picked up an electric typebar machine to play with a few weeks ago. The errors are pervasive, random and entertaining – to a point. It has been declared junk and its parts will be repurposed as robot pieces. Is it bad that I only feel vaguely guilty? It’s a chintzy plastic 1970s portable.

    It’s funny how some of the private label products look better than their makers’.

    1. You’re most likely right, the good selection will prolly start popping up around Feb/March/April. To everything (turn,turn,turn) there is a season…

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