1961 Smith-Corona Electric with History!

The old girl is filthy and has quite a few mechanical quirks, but I'll prolly strip out the good platen and steal the case & key and give the rest to Bill as a parts machine.

Script typeface, was the kicker that got me to actually plunk down my $15. There's probably some reason I wouldn't be able to pull out the typebars and fit them in one of my manual SC's...

5TE-183849 TW-DB says 1961

Came with FOUR metal ribbon spools!

Mr. Dubonet has been taking this machine to MTE for service it's entire existence, and kept the receipts to prove it. There's even a reciept from when the current Bill Wahl was just barely a lad, only entrusted with unpacking the new typewriters for sale. This last reciept shows a general service and belt replacement in '05. Bill got a big kick out of these little slips of paper...

ooh, look - an actual case key!

Updated: November 17, 2011 — 1:47 pm


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  1. What a classic. Great typeface, too. I like the receipt with the old-fashioned phone number (WO4-3603).

  2. Why are you killing this machine? These 5TE’s are to many the best electric portable ever made, and also a pioneer.

  3. Looks like a fine typer to me.
    I bet if didn’t have those mechanical quirks, you’d actually consider keeping it.

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