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  1. That Swissa is a gem, definitely a very good reason to be thankful for.

  2. Sounds like a great time. happy holidays!

  3. What a beautiful day – you are so blessed! And that Swissa, basking in the sun, beckons eagerly to its mate… but I shall hold fast. It will be hard to let go of this one as it’s my only display typeface machine, but who knows, there might be another somewhere, someday… it’s always possible. You have a direct line on any Swissas I come upon, as you know :-)

    1. Yeah, I was pretty sure you were going to keep ahold of that beauty. :D
      But if you find another one, it would find a caring home in the desert! I should prolly trade Kipling to you now that I’ve figured out that smudging issue. I think I’ll want to keep my collection narrowed down mostly to interesting typefaces attached to great machines, and Kipling is one more Pica than I need, and I’ve already got another shiny black Remington-Rand with glass keys.

  4. Very nice machine. Seems you had a great time. I just may need to add a Swissa to my wanted typewriters list. I also started by adding a third machine with the intention to clean and sell. Now I have 13 machines. My old Engine Company. Need to get to my first Engine 21!

  5. Typewriter + hats + stationery = retro-heaven!

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