The Hour of Twilight, Dragon Soul and even some typewriter-related stuff…

Chef Harbashi of Uldum, modelling his new Tier 12 gear. Not as badass-looking as Tier 10, but a heckova lot better that that gaye Tier 11 crap.

and now, some typewriter-related posting. First an Experiment In Terror:

and then, an amusing thing I got in the mail. This insurance company used an Elite typewriter font to address this letter that showed up in my mailbox. I’m curious if they thought that it adds a personal touch to try and fool me into thinking that they had someone type my address out on a manual (note the uneven inking) typewriter.

Updated: December 5, 2011 — 3:24 pm


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  1. Wow, “Alice,” that white typing looks really cool. Even if it will send your typewriter straight to hell.

    As for the faux-typewritten address on your letter, that is remarkable. I’ve never seen such a thing before. As a way of getting our attention, I have to say it’s pretty effective!

    1. Heh, I use a lot of different names when there’s a potential that my data will end up in someone’s database. I have to train new mailmen to deliver my mail regardless of who it’s addressed to. They get testy about that.

  2. Heh heh … Alice. I only tend to do that with online stuff. My spam trap is under the name Guy Incognito (stolen from the Simpsons). That typewriter font is a new wrinkle, though the “handwritten” post-it has been around awhile.
    p.s. LEEROY JENKINS!!!!

  3. I too find the typewritten address very impressive! It would be even more impressive if it had been targeted to just you (I think they did this for the entire mailing list); but nevertheless what an intriguing coincidence.

  4. Regarding the typewritten address, I’d say they’re onto you, ‘Alice’. To quote Groucho Marx; “Fill up the martini jug and head for the hills!”

    As for your World of Warcraft post, I did not understand a word of it, but I’m glad that there’s at least one other person over 25 (you ARE over 25, aincha?) in this world who spends time playing games.

    And thanks for the heads-up on the white correcting ribbon. Yeesh, what a mess it makes!

  5. Man, I haven’t played WoW in years…and still have my unopened Cataclysm box on my shelf. My gaming hours have been spend on the Xbox on the various Call of Duty games, the latest being Modern Warfare 3. Granted, last night, we had a blast playing Guitarsmith, so I may be picking that game up and spending some quality time with me Telecaster…

  6. Fit an address into an 8 x 3 grid? This looks like there’s more thought in it than a junk-mail outfit would normally muster. Worth changing name for, and address.

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