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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the Coltrane. That is nothing short of a perfect album. Even my non-jazz loving wife loved it the first time she heard it. (Funny story – when we found out we were having a boy I really wanted to name him Coltrane, but had to settle for having his middle name be Miles in honor of Miles Davis. Maybe next time!!)

  2. Love Supreme is perhaps the only Coltrane album I have. It is one I like. I have no favorite or perfect album (well condition-wise my set of calibrations disks are as near perfect as can be). I must get a copy of Steve Reich’s if I can find one. That album must be great to listen to with a Class-A tube amp and headphones. Perhaps my favorite LP to listen to that way is Walter Carlos Sonic Seasons. Can it really be called music? It’s a double album of MOOG mimicking the 4 seasons of the year. Very relaxing, especially when listening with a good pair of sealed (or closed) headphones.

    1. Just picked up that Wendy Carlos record (guess this one was labelled after the sex change). Very interesting and relaxing (:

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